Mountain Lake Golf Course
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Mountain Lake Golf Course

Mountain Lake bids you the warmest of welcomes.

Welcome to a place where people respect traditions and each other. A neighborly place where members know who you are, and who they are. This is Mountain Lake, the kind of community where people with shared expectations are quick to share a warm smile or a memorable meal, and where solitude and socializing, private living and community service, are not mutually exclusive.

As Macdonald keenly observed, “The courses in Great Britain abound with classic and notable holes, and one only has to study these and adopt their best and boldest features.” And adopt Seth did, unabashedly paying homage to such venerated golf holes as The Biarritz, Eden and The Alps, among others, and incorporating them into his original designs. Raynor also embraced some of Macdonald’s personal favorites – The Cape Hole and the Double Plateau Green – and melded them into his own design repertoire.

While repetitiveness in modern architecture is oft-criticized, Seth Raynor laid out his golf courses according to an ironclad formula. His collection of masterpieces proves that in the hands of a legitimate genius, repetition can indeed be a thing of beauty. The golf course at Mountain Lake, as beautiful as ever, remains a shining example of that fact.

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    Charles Banks, Seth Raynor, Tyler Rae, William Diddel


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